CExchange's Green Policy

What it actually means to be Green

CExchange cares deeply about our environment.  It is, after all, our business.  But it gets much more personal than that.

Among the founders of our company you will find hobbies and interests outside of work that are quite literally outside activities.  Our founders and employees enjoy marathons, triathlons, surfing, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, mountain biking, fishing and many other outdoor activities.  But what we enjoy most is passing on our love for the outdoors to our children. Much of the pride we take in our work here at CExchange is the fact that we are helping to keep our environment clean so that people can safely enjoy the great outdoors now and well into the future.

We understand that there is considerable confusion around e-waste and which "electronics recycling" companies you can trust. So please do your research, know who you are giving your electronic device to and where it goes from there.

So What Does CExchange Do with Your Electronic Device?

Most electronic devices we receive from consumers, retailers and manufacturers are refurbished so they can be repurposed and reused. This reduces the amount of raw materials needed to manufacture new products and helps to conserve our natural resources. For the electronics that can't be refurbished we provide them to ECS Refining. ECS is an e-Steward, one of North America's most responsible recyclers pledge of true stewardship - the world's most rigorous environmental and social justice criteria for recycling e-Waste. ECS adheres to all state and federal environmental regulations and complies with ISO 14001 environmental management standards ensuring that no hazardous waste will be improperly disposed.

What Is Dangerous About e-Waste?

Substances found in consumer electronics include such dangerous waste as arsenic, lead, cadmium, and beryllium which have a high risk of leeching into water sources, polluting the air, and contaminating the soil if disposed of improperly. It is estimated that over 100 million mobile phones are tossed into landfills each year, representing a tremendous risk to the environment and to our health. Of course, that's just mobile phones. When you add in all the other personal electronics (nearly all of which have batteries) the problem becomes much worse.

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

CExchange adheres to all aspects of the three "R's" as promoted by the Environmental Protection Agency.

No Export Policy

We hope that you have seen or read the news stories about unscrupulous recyclers who ship hundreds of thousands of pounds of electronic waste to third world countries to be broken down using methods that are hazardous for the workers and for the environment. At CExchange, no electronics device will be exported for recycling.

Please Recycle

We appreciate the opportunity to be your electronics recycler but if you do not recycle with us, please recycle responsibly with a reputable firm that shares our commitment to the environment.

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